Monday, August 12, 2013

Plot Twist

A few months ago, a friend was chiding me for my lack of new blog posts. I told her that kidney disease is like a slow movie with a compelling plot. The changes can be subtle and take time, but they come -- and are significant.

The latest twist? My kidney biopsy results are back and, according to Mayo Clinic, I have something called amyloidosis -- a rare blood disease. I have been referred to U-M hematology and have an appointment at the Cancer Center's Myeloma Clinic on August 16.

All of the sudden, my slow moving plot has turned into an action film.

I am Bruce Willis saying "Yippee Ki Yay."

I am Optimus Prime, driving down country roads in Adrian, get shot at by the enemy. (Credit goes to Jeremy Sell for this Transformers 4 footage.)

And I'm thinking that things are going to change.

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  1. Loved having you visit this week. Prayers and hugs! xoxoxo