Saturday, June 1, 2013

Post-Biopsy Update

Quick update: I felt OK the first few days after my biopsy, but then something didn't seem quite right. I was having a hard time taking a deep breath and overall just felt a little bit "off."

On May 28 I went back to UM and was diagnosed with:

fever (100.5)
flank pain
retroperitoneal bleed

My doctors ran several tests, debated a CT scan, and opted to take the "wait and see" approach. They had me come back on May 30 to repeat the tests. And they called me on May 31 so that I could describe how I'm feeling.

My fever is gone, but the flank discomfort remains.

I'm hopeful I'm on my way to feeling better.


  1. I am hopeful, too. I am glad your fever is gone. Please take care. I love you very much! xoxoxo

  2. This one did not go well at all. So sorry for that! And more tests and no treatment. Bet you are way sick of that! Love you and admire your strength and courage.