Thursday, August 9, 2012

On Track

About a month ago, I announced that I would be training for a 5K run. Such a public declaration was a bit bold, considering that at the time I was only able to run two minutes without stopping. I've only posted once since then, so if you're thinking that I'm avoiding the topic because I'm not training, you would be..........WRONG!

I am now up to eight minutes of sustained running. My current program is a 2-minute walk followed by an 8-minute run -- repeated 3 times. It's slow and ugly, but it's working! I do this on Wed/Fri/Sun.

The 5K run is Saturday, Sept. 8, so I have another month to prepare. Race information is here in case anyone wants to run with me or come and watch. So far I think I have one fellow runner who will be by my side, my sister Denise. She has qualified for the Boston Marathon before -- so she's a real runner -- but how cool that she's willing to plod along with me for a few miles!


  1. I will be there for sure! Looking forward to it!

  2. Sis - I'm in. Yours in running, Rob