Sunday, August 19, 2012

Giffy by the Numbers

Here are a few interesting numbers from the last week:

14: Minutes I'm now able to run without stopping. My latest workout was 2 minutes walking/14 minutes running/2 minutes walking/14 minutes running/2 minutes walking.

2:  Number of siblings who are running with me in the Allegiance Race to Health 5K run on Sept. 8.

120:  My average systolic blood pressure last week -- exactly the number my doctor wants me to maintain.

3:  Number of times I forgot to take my meds this week. OOPS! This will definitely be an area of emphasis for the coming week.    


  1. That is quite an increase in fitness in a short period of time!

  2. Wow. Just three weeks ago when you were here you were only at four minutes. If you add a miracle mile to Darcy's choice I'll be blown away. Keep up the hard work. High Five, Giffy!

  3. You are doing fantastic, Darcy!


    Congratulations, my wonderful sister!

    And I cannot run with you, but I would love to support you with a donation, are you doing that?

    WE LOVE YOU!!!!

    Dawn and Ivan xoxoxoxoxo

  4. Dawn Dawn - no donations for the run, but I am doing a fundraising Kidney Walk the next day, and donations to the National Kidney Foundation are welcomed:

    Thanks for your enduring love and support!