Wednesday, April 18, 2012

May 6

You're familiar with the modus operandi of drug pushers, yes? The first few hits are free. After that, it's time to pay up, baby.

I fear I'm emulating that M.O. here. You know -- create a little blog, entertain the readers, get them to come back, and then -- WHAM -- ask for something in return.

Yesterday I realized that there's a Kidney Walk in Grand Rapids on May 6, 2012. I've formed a team -- Giffy's Kidneys -- and will be participating in the walk that day. Raising money is part of the drill.

Please consider going to the Giffy's Kidneys team page at the National Kidney Foundation of Michigan website. You can either join the team or make a donation on my behalf.  Just enter "Giffy's Kidneys" in the team name search box and it will take you to my page. The walk is a small event but what it represents to me is huge. It took me awhile to openly talk about having kidney disease, and those months of silence were scary. Now I'm ready to talk, listen, learn, educate and advocate. I figure that I must have kidney disease for a reason -- meaning I'm supposed to do something positive with this thing. The Kidney Walk is an initial step (pun intended).

Thanks to those who can be there in person on May 6 and to those who will be there in spirit. It's going to be a fun day!     


  1. Thanks for choosing an event that is not a 5k run. Even I can do a 1 mile walk with the team!!

  2. Donation made. Now you need to start stretching. Go team!

  3. Awesome!! Thank you so much Neesie!:-)