Saturday, April 14, 2012

The Good News is...

I recently had a large whiteboard installed in the office. It's about 6' x 4' and I use it to visually track the various projects my team is trying to juggle. It's in a common area, so many times when I'm writing, the staff will gather around to see what I'm doing and learn what projects are next. The other day, I had just finished filling up the board when someone said:

"Look how your writing slants upward. You're an optimist!"

That sent me Googling, and sure enough, my writing style does reveal me as an optimist. I do find handwriting analysis interesting, but most of all I was relieved that it didn't expose me as a raging lunatic. I mean, what if the scenario played out this way:

"Look how your writing [insert whatever style here]. Man, how do you get through the day? You're a mess!"

Being an optimist serves me well. I have no idea how my kidney disease will progress, but I'm confident that I can handle anything that's thrown my way. A very dear friend introduced me to the concept of "trusting your journey," and I have embraced that saying and all that it represents. True, I'm bummed out about all of this. I won't lie. But whatever happens is going to be OK.

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  1. Love this post.....Love TYJ......Love You, My Dear Friend!