Saturday, March 24, 2012


I'm very generic when I talk about my lab work, and that's because it's just easier to say things are "better" or "worse." There are so many tests and so many things being monitored that it would be crazy to try and explain them all.

I do, however, want to be specific about one test: protein/creatinine urine ratio. The normal range for this is 0.01-0.18. Anything above 0.18 is considered elevated and indicates something called proteinuria -- excess serum proteins found in the urine.

My results:
0.72 in April 2010
1.20 in July 2010
1.17 in February 2011
 0.90 in September 2011
(Woo Hoo - see how it was trending back down???)

2.04 in March 2012
(Uh oh.)

Now that you know this is a key number that we're tracking, I can give you the ratio instead of saying "better" or "worse." 

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  1. thanks for the update. lots of info to keep straight. you are doing a good job!