Sunday, January 20, 2013


I was told that I'm trending. That would be kind of cool if we were talking about Twitter.

It would also be a miracle, since I have 20 followers and tweet about once every 18 days.

The quote was "you're trending up" and it was from my nephrologist, who called to discuss my latest protein/creatinine urine ratio. She then ordered more labs, and I had blood drawn on Jan. 18. I expect to have those results early in the week.

What does this mean? The goal all along has been to try and slow down the progression of my disease. The increased protein/creatinine urine ratio shows that the current course of action isn't as effective as the doctor and I had hoped it would be. The next treatment step would be something more aggressive, like suppressing my immune system -- and that wouldn't be done without another biopsy.

Looks like biopsy #2 will soon be a reality. 


  1. I don't care what the doc says.........I completely think you are "trendy" :) Love you!!

  2. At least you are cool enough to have a twitter account...I hear there are some people who don't. :) Hope that the doc can find a good option for you.